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RQ068 A Knaresborough View.jpg

Whether as a thoughtful gift, a personal memento, as an investment or for commercial purposes, I'm very happy to produce tailored pieces of work to commission.

There are many benefits to commissioning a piece of art, but fundamentally it allows you to enjoy my distinctive approach to depicting a subject, applied to a subject, scene, place or landmark that is of importance to you.

If you are interested in commissioning a painting then please contact me with your enquiry and to discuss your requirements in detail. I'm also happy to meet at my home studio if desired, giving you the opportunity to look at some of my work. Alternatively if your local art gallery is a stockist of my work, then you can direct your enquiries through them and they will handle the transaction and help to guide you through the process.


When you are thinking about commissioning, start by understanding what kind of work you really like and what the context for the piece is.  Do you prefer a particular style?  Do you have a colour palette in mind? Who or what is the work for? Is it for you? Is it for your home? Is it a gift?


The next best thing to do is to put your thoughts down on paper. This will help crystalise your thinking and becomes the starting point for a brief.  You can use this when discussing the commission with the me.  

The brief is also a useful reference, which both you and I can refer back to during the process of making the work, and as a means to set a commissioning agreement.  If you decide to commission a piece from me through your local gallery, they will be able to help you with this.

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